What is Promise Ministry


Promise Ministry is gospel ministry, with a Adventist Book Shop ann Publishing company, residing in Groningen, The Netherlands. The full name is: Foundation Promise Ministry, Prayer and Mission.

1. Promise Ministry has the aim to stimulate the awareness of the need for effective prayer ministry and Bible study as substance of equipping believers to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Promise Ministry tries to reach this goal by:
a.   Directing the focus of God loving Christians to the Second coming of Jesus Christ and the need to fulfill His commission by proclaiming the full three Angels Message of Revelation 14:6-12, in order to prepare Him a people that keep His commandments and have the faith of Jesus;

b.   To establish a lay members mission, where individual Christians are called and stimulated to live their faith in a practical and devoted manner, where they are firstly true to God and the unique 28 accumulated beliefs as foundation of the full truth (John 16:13);

c.   To call people and stimulate consecrated Christians to give themselves freely to the service of the Lord as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God (Romans 12:1), to make known to their fellow men the glad tidings of God’s love;

d.   To strengthen the band of faith between Bible based Christians, by organizing meetings, seminars and lectures;

e.   To work together with groups of believers, that want to set up a prayer ministry in their neighborhood and want to start up evangelistic campaigns, and to help and sustain them in a practical manner;

f.    To offer without charge study material, meditations, e-books, prayer ministry resources, news items in digital format on the website;

g.   To offer for a minimal price materials – folders, brochures, books and other published material – in digital form on the website or on paper, CD,s etc.;

h.   And furthermore by all means that helps to attain above said goal, as long as it is not against the established law, good manners, and public well conduct.

Funds needed to attain the goal of the Foundation are gained by:
a.   Own funds;
b.   Gifts, donations, subsidy’s;
c.   Legacies and inheritance;
d.   Selling foundation resources and gained by other means.

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.